Washing/Care Instructions

Please note that all of fabrics are always pre-washed and dried and that you will not experience any shrinkage if caring for your items properly. I use a vegan, unscented detergent without any chemicals or toxins that has proven excellent for sensitive skins! I also operate from a pet free, smoke free, very clean environment.

Reusable Zippered Bags/ Wet Bags:

All outsider liners are made from pre-washed/shrunk 100% designer cotton. The inside liner is made from 100% food-safe, waterproof, formaldehyde-free, lead free, BPA free PUL fabric. All zippers are YKK and certified to be lead free.

Cleaning instructions - turn inside out and wipe clean. If needed wash in the machine on cold and line dry.



All of my clothing items are made with utter most attention to detail and from quality materials. They vary from designer cotton to quality knits and I try to incorporate as many organic fabrics as I can. Each item you purchase will have specific details to the materials used and further instructions on how to care for it. Since my children often handpick fabrics for their own clothing, I can assure you that they wear and re-wear them non stop. Hence, I put our creations through a rigorous test by often washing and sometimes even drying them. Please be aware that I generally suggest all items to be machine washed on cold and line dry to make sure that they obtain their beautiful colors and shape.


Reversible Totes:

All reversible totes are made from 100% designer cotton. The straps are either made from the same material or webbing material.

Cleaning instructions - spot clean as necessary. If needed was in the machine on cold and line dry. All lace or ribbon used on these items are washable unless otherwise noted. You may have to iron the bag, but please take caution with the decoration.


Neck Warmers:

Cleaning instructions -  machine wash on cold and line dry.